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How to Have a Dental Filling (and Not Look Like You Did)

How to Have a Dental Filling (and Not Look Like You Did)

Your teeth are strong and designed to last a lifetime with proper care. That care can involve and occasional restoration including a dental filling.

Tooth decay or tooth damage from an accident can require your tooth to be filled. When a dental filling is recommended you have choices and each comes with aesthetic benefits.

Metal no more?

The old metal fillings are called amalgam fillings. Amalgam is a combination of metals which include silver, mercury, tin and copper. Millions of people have amalgam fillings however concern has been raised over the mercury in amalgam. The controversy over amalgam centers on how much mercury fillings released and how much the body absorbs. In the past, amalgam fillings were thought to be inert. This would mean that no mercury was released once the filling was placed in the tooth. In recent years, sophisticated tests have changed this view. Very small amounts of mercury in the form of vapor can be released as the amalgam filling wears.

A more current option is called composites. This type of filling allows for durability and resistance to fracture in small- to mid-size fillings that need to withstand moderate pressure from the constant stress of chewing. They can be used on either front or back teeth. They are a good choice for people who prefer that their fillings look more natural.

A third option is Porcelain fillings. This type of filling is virtually undetectable because they can be matched to the color of your natural teeth. They are also functionally superior to metal fillings, and will not become loose, fall out or impact the structure of your tooth. And because they’re not metal, they’re more compatible with your overall health.

Dental fillings are an important treatment to keep your teeth healthy and functional. Tooth colored fillings give you a less noticeable advantage with improved results.

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What Dental Cavities Reveal About Your Oral Health

What Dental Cavities Reveal About Your Oral Health

There is no “last-minute” effort when it comes to your dental care. Most of your dental problems, cavities included, are the result of long-term patterns.

While we’re on the subject…

The technical (impress-your-friends) word is “dental caries.” You know them as “cavities.”

They are the result of ongoing tooth decay. And their diagnosis is most often traceable to prioritizing your dental check-ups and professional teeth cleanings with your dental hygienist.

The sugar-connection isn’t what you think

Sugar gets bad “press.” Eat sugar…get cavities…right?

True, a diet high in sugar isn’t best for your teeth and gums. But the blame is best placed on the bacteria that live in your mouth.

Avoiding sugar altogether isn’t realistic. Removing it from your teeth and gum tissue is!

Oral bacteria feed on the sugars and other food substances that are allowed to remain on your tooth surfaces and deep within your gum pockets (the spaces between your teeth and gums).

As bacteria feed they break down your tooth structure (decay). Once decay progresses a cavity develops.


Spotting decay and cavities is a primary focus of your preventive dentistry appointments that include a dental examination and teeth cleaning. Your dentist will examine each tooth structure looking for weakened areas or those that reveal obvious signs of decay.

Symptoms include:

  • Noticeable spots or discoloration on your tooth
  • A heightened level of teeth sensitivity
  • Holes, pits, or indentions in your teeth
  • An ongoing toothache

The earlier these symptoms are observed and diagnosed the better. Topical fluoride can be used to strengthen your tooth enamel on those areas that have been weakened by beginning decay.

Removing the decay and treating the cavity with a dental filling is often necessary. Larger cavities can require the restoration of your tooth structure with a dental crown and an inlay or onlay.

In severe cases, root canal can be necessary to save your tooth. Otherwise an extraction will be recommended and require potential follow-up with a tooth replacement.

Cavity prevention begins with a preventive dental mindset. Keep your tooth surfaces and gum tissue clean and free from lingering sugar and food particles.

Contact your dentist about any issues with Dental Implants Call us at 914-921-5437 to schedule a free consultation or concerns about any signs of tooth decay or a cavity. Schedule you and your family’s next dental examination and teeth cleaning to stay ahead of damaging decay.

If You’re “On-the-Fence” About Dental Implants This Could Help

If You’re “On-the-Fence” About Dental Implants This Could Help

Sometimes a single, vital piece of information can “tip” you to make a decision. That’s true when deciding to solve your tooth loss with dental implant treatment.

Sure, you have options when you’re missing one tooth or multiple teeth. It’s also important to understand why dental implants are superior to other tooth replacement options.

What are you missing?

Simply put, dental implants have one basic function. They fill the gap where your tooth is missing.

But there’s more to implant placement.

It helps to understand the role an implant plays within your tooth gap. Before you know the function of an implant it’s useful to know why your missing tooth gap is a problem.

Ignoring tooth loss can damage your overall oral health. A single missing tooth can cause your surrounding healthy teeth to shift out of proper alignment leading to other more costly dental treatment.

The erosion or loss of vital bone and gum tissue is another concern. This can make a bone graft necessary whenever you decide to replace your missing tooth or teeth.

Your dental implant relies on the support of healthy bone tissue. A graft fills in what’s lacking and after a healing period allows your dental implant to be placed into adequate, healthy bone tissue.

Though necessary, this requires time that can delay your tooth replacement. Plus you will incur the additional costs of the bone graft procedure.

You have options

Dental implants provide you a secure, healthy tooth replacement solution. An implant forms a new tooth root in your missing tooth gap and overtime will adapt to your bone and gum tissue.

Dentures-vs-dental-implants are a common tooth replacement option. They rely on the surface of your jawbone and gum tissue and with long-term use can cause your tissue to erode further.

A dental bridge is similar. It relies on the support of your adjacent teeth and within a period of time can weaken them.

Your dental implant integrates with your available bone and gum tissue. This prevents the movement associated with dentures and provides a secure new tooth root for supporting the dental crown on the surface.

Dental implants, from top to bottom, are a secure tooth replacement option. The implant is made of titanium, the abutment (post) fits within your implant to hold a natural-looking new tooth on the surface (a dental crown).

Standard implant treatment can require a period of months to complete due to tissue healing and any additional procedures that are necessary such as a bone graft. The result is a solid, stable new tooth that fills your missing tooth gap and restores your tooth function and appearance with a lasting tooth replacement.

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Why Now is a Good Time for Teeth Whitening

Why Now is a Good Time for Teeth Whitening

Time is on your side. That’s true until it begins to take its toll or if you ignore an opportunity.

Teeth whitening keeps you on the solution side of things. And speaking of solutions it’s an effective way to reverse the discoloration on your teeth from months or years of diet and lifestyle choices.

Time factors

Natural wear on your tooth enamel doesn’t happen overnight. As you age and enjoy your favorite foods and beverages your teeth will begin to dull and lose their brightness.

Teeth whitening can solve the yellowing effect that impacts your teeth. A whitening treatment targets the enamel and transforms it from dull to bright.

An important consideration

Over-the-counter whitening products are numerous. Before you purchase one we recommend that you consult with your dentist.


A teeth whitening product or procedure might be ineffective and produce disappointing results due to dental conditions. A dental examination can save you time and costs especially if you have oral health issues such as tooth decay, significant tooth discoloration, or extreme teeth sensitivity.

A PROactive solution

A professional teeth whitening procedure can produce fast and effective results. Our in-office Zoom! Whitening treatment can brighten your teeth up to 10 shades of whiteness in one appointment.

Your procedure uses a proven whitening process that’s applied and monitored by a dental professional. The whitening solution gently penetrates your tooth enamel to eliminate the discoloration, staining, and yellowing on your tooth surfaces.

An at-home whitening kit can accompany your in-office Zoom! Whitening treatment. Custom designed trays and solution will be provided following your in-office treatment to help maintain your teeth whitening results.

You will experience white, healthier looking teeth including the professional support of our dental team.

And about “time being on your side…”

It’s time for prom, Mother’s Day, and wedding season. Brighten your smile or someone else’s.

Contact your Rye, Westchester dentist about any issues with teeth erosion, tooth sensitivity and tooth wear. Call us at 914-921-5437 to schedule a free consultation.

How to Know if You Have Tooth Erosion and What to Do About It

The attack on your teeth occurs daily and might not always feel vulnerable. But that doesn’t mean an attack isn’t underway. Tooth erosion is one of those circumstances and pain and sensitivity are the first signs.  At Purchase Street Dental we can help you with any issues regarding teeth erosion, tooth sensitivity and tooth wear. Call us at 914-921-5437 to schedule a free consultation.

First signs of Tooth Erosion

The appearance of your teeth can reveal much about their overall health and condition. Dental erosion is noticeable on your teeth as wear, cups or hollow areas, and a dark, yellow appearance just beneath the surface of your teeth (below the enamel covering).

Teeth sensitivity increases the more your teeth’s enamel has eroded. Hot and cold beverages and those that have high acidity can trigger it.

The primary cause of Tooth Erosion and how to control it

The acid within your food and beverage choices are the primary cause of tooth erosion. Acidity in your diet softens your protective tooth enamel.

This good news is that saliva is a valuable neutralizer. It restores your mouth’s environment and helps prevent acid from overtaking it.

Although there’s a natural resistance due to saliva, frequent acid attacks on your teeth are damaging. Your teeth can be damaged gradually as small amounts of protective enamel are lost.

Guard your tooth enamel with a some new habits and by making a few dietary adjustments.

  • Enjoy foods and beverages that have high acidity during mealtimes to reduce the frequency of acid exposure.
  • Avoid holding each sip of your beverage in your mouth and swishing it around to reduce the time it remains on your teeth.
  • Chew sugar-free gum following your meals to enhance healthy saliva production that helps neutralize acid in your mouth.
  • Delay teeth brushing for an approximate hour after you eat to allow your tooth enamel to repair and harden.
  • Observe the condition of your teeth and stay current with your dental check-ups to determine if tooth erosion requires treatment such as dental bonding or veneers.

Contact your Rye, Westchester dentist about any issues with teeth erosion, tooth sensitivity and tooth wear. Call us at 914-921-5437 to schedule a free consultation.

Dentistry for Wimps – How to Feel More Positive About Your Next Dental Appointment

There’s one thing in addition to neglect that might keep you from a necessary dental appointment.

It’s a common emotion.

Fear or anxiety!

Sedation dentistry provides you with a solution for this dental phobia reaction that affects thousands. As earlier mentioned, it’s perhaps a leading reason that you would postpone or avoid seeing the dentist altogether.

It’s vital that you take a positive and proactive approach to your dental care. The reduction or total elimination of any related fear or anxiety would be a good place to start.

Is No-Fear Dentistry Possible?

Your oral health is impacted by a variety of factors. Some you have control over and others you don’t.

If fear is one of the reasons, you have options (more on that in a moment).

The general solution involves sedation to substantially reduce or totally remove all fear or anxiety you feel about or during your next dental procedure. Following are some of the primary reasons you would choose to avoid dental treatment and what sedation can help solve:

• A low tolerance for pain

• Unable to relax or avoid movement during a procedure

• Sensitive teeth and gums

• Gag reflex

• A large amount of treatment that feels overwhelming

• A previous traumatic or uncomfortable experience during an appointment or procedure

Know Your Sedation Dentistry Options

Sedation Dentistry has a primary goal: your comfort through reducing your anxiety. Because it’s essential to protect your oral health and assure that you receive the necessary treatment, we have a few sedation and relaxation options to choose from.

Nitrous oxide (“Laughing gas”)

Perhaps the most common and widely used form of dental sedation. Your access to the gas is via a comfortable nose mask that stays in place throughout your procedure.

Nitrous oxide is safe and causes you to feel extremely relaxed and at ease. You will experience minimal side effects, if any at all, and the sedation effects will subside quickly following your treatment.

Oral sedation

Medications can be prescribed by your dentist or dental professional to relax you prior to and during a procedure. Prescription strength will be determined by your doctor and your desired level of relaxation.

Oral sedatives are safe and effective for most dental treatment. It’s recommended that you plan for transportation assistance following your appointment to allow the medication to wear off before resuming routine activity.

IV Sedation

This form of sedation is administered intravenously (in the vein) and monitored by a trained dental anesthesiologist. Most IV sedation methods allow you to remain conscious so you can reply and respond to your dentists questions or comments.

Your vitals are monitored to enhance your safety during sedation. A local anesthetic could be necessary, depending on your treatment, once the sedation has taken effect on your awareness.

This method can produce a partial feeling of amnesia (e.g not remembering your dental procedure). The peaceful, relaxing calming effects are especially practical for you if you are highly anxious or fearful about your treatment.

Contact your Rye, Westchester dentist about your dental fear or dental anxiety. Call us at 914-921-5437 to schedule a free consultation. Ask about sedation dentistry solutions to help assure you’re comfortable and relaxed during your next appointment or procedure.

Back to School Smiles!

Mom and Daughters SmilingNow that we are all gearing up for back to school season, have you checked every last thing off your list? What about a back to school dental checkup for the kids? Here at Purchase Street Family Dental, our Rye back to school dental exams are an invaluable part of our patients’ back to school routines. This in-between time at the end of summer is a great way to get dental checkups out of the way and fix any dental problems that may have developed so that they do not become a problem or a distraction for your child during the school year. One of the most common problems that we diagnose in our patients during our Rye back to school dental exams are tooth decay and cavities. Because we are always using the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide the very best treatment for our patients, we can now check for cavities using a digital cavity detector called Diagnodent. Diagnodent helps us to find areas of decay better than ever before so that we can seal up the tooth before it becomes too uncomfortable for your child. Another common service that we provide during our Rye back to school dental exams is to give our patients the mouthguards they need to keep their teeth protected during school sports activities. As always, we can also provide cosmetic services during our Rye back to school dental exams. Does your child have a chipped tooth that has gone unfixed? We can provide bonding of the tooth so that your son or daughter can start the school year off confidently and looking great. We are also happy to offer you complimentary consultation for teeth whitening, or a consultation about the amazing Invisalign system. There are endless ways to improve your child’s smile here at Purchase Street Family Dental.

If you would like to learn more about our Rye back to school dental exams, or about any of the other many services that we have to offer you and your family here at Purchase Street Family Dental, our practice’s main website is a great resource for you to check out. If you have any remaining questions or concerns that we can assist you with, or if you are ready to book an appointment for one of our Rye back to school dental exams, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team of staff here at your soonest convenience.

Call us today at (914) 921-5437 to schedule a checkup or complimentary consultation for you or your child, or click here to request an appointment.

Rye Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dental office in Rye NY

Rye Cosmetic Dentist
Rye Cosmetic Dentist

When you look at your smile in the mirror, or in photos, do you like what you see? Many of us have some imperfections in our smiles that we would like to correct. Fortunately, there are experts like our Rye cosmetic dentists here at Purchase Street Family Dental that can provide you with the dental services you need to get the smile of your dreams. Some of our most effective cosmetic and restorative services are our dental implants. Dental implant restorations are excellent ways to replace teeth that are missing or have been replaced. If you are missing teeth, you know how difficult everyday activities become as a result, not to mention the toll it can take on your self-confidence. Dental implant restorations use a dental implant with a customized dental crown attached to successfully replace the missing tooth and give you the beautiful, functional smile that you deserve. Our office utilizes the latest technology in order to offer our patients the best and most innovative cosmetic dentist services. Such is the case with our E4D machine. This technology enables our cosmetic dentist to quickly & easily restore damaged teeth with porcelain crowns in one single visit.

Another popular service that our Rye cosmetic dentist has to offer is ZOOM teeth whitening. We can all benefit from a boost to the whiteness and brightness of our smile from time to time. ZOOM is not only proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades, it’s also safe. While other whitening products can harm teeth and gums, using Zoom with Relief ACP actually gives you greater luster and protects enamel. Our Rye cosmetic dentist has two equally effective options for teeth whitening for you to choose from. You can choose to either whiten here at our office and get immediate results, in as little as 60 minutes, or you can whiten gradually in the comfort of your own home using a customized whitening kit provided by our Rye cosmetic dentist. Here at Purchase Street Family Dental, another popular cosmetic service we offer are porcelain dental veneers. When teeth whitening treatments aren’t the best option you can always get porcelain dental veneers for an immediate improvement to your smile. These cosmetic additions change the overall appearance of your teeth from color, shape, size, and length.  These are only some of the many cosmetic services we have available to you here at Purchase Street Family Dental.

If you would like to learn more about any of the other many services that our Rye cosmetic dentist has to offer, the main Purchase Street Family Dental website is an excellent resource for you to consult. If you have any specific questions or concerns that we can clear up for you, please feel free to contact the staff here directly so we can assist you however possible. We look forward to working with you.

Rye Cosmetic Dental Office

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Sedation Dentist in Rye

Rye NY Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentist in Rye
Sedation Dentist in Rye

When was the last time you visited a dentist? Do feelings of fear and anxiety regarding the dentist keep you from seeking the treatment you need? Here at Purchase Street Family Dental, our sedation dentist in Rye is here to put you at ease throughout your dental visit so that you can do what is necessary to keep your teeth and gums healthy over time. We understand the common fear and anxiety associated with visiting the dentist, but we do not believe that these fears should keep you from getting the dental care you need.

Our sedation dentist in Rye can provide you with the proper level and method of sedation in order to accommodate your individual needs, such as your level of fear and anxiety, the procedures that you need done, and the amount of time needed to complete the procedure. We always administer an amount that is safe and that will leave you feeling comfortable throughout the entirety of the visit. You will leave Purchase Street Family Dental with only good associations surrounding your visit, and you will not feel worried about visiting the dentist ever again after having such a pleasant experience. If it has been some time since you have visited the dentist, simply schedule an appointment with our sedation dentist in Rye so we can put your mind at ease and get you the dental checkup you need.

If you would like to learn more about who our sedation dentist in Rye can be of service to you, we highly recommend that you visit the main Purchase Street Family Dental website. We have made a wealth of additional, detailed information available for our patients there. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like addressed in further depth, please feel free to contact the staff here directly. We look forward to working with you soon here at Purchase Street Family Dental. There is no longer any reason to be afraid—call us today!

Sedation Dentistry in Rye

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Spring Sports, March Madness And Your Dentist in Westchester

March Madness in Westchester

march-madness-2015March 17th marked the beginning of March Madness in the NCAA Schools. Click here for the NCAA March Madness links and schedules. It is also March Madness at Purchase Street Family Dental in Rye, Westchester, NY. Call our Rye Dental Office today at 914-921-5437 or schedule an appointment online to make sure your teeth and smile are game ready!

Now is the time of year to start your own sports back up – especially basketball. It is important to remember that this is the perfect time to get yourself or your kids custom mouth guards fitted for those spring and summer months sporting events. Your teeth and smile need protection from potential sports injuries, even in basketball. Protect your health and your protect your teeth this spring during March Madness.

Along with spring sports comes sports drinks. As your local dental office, we must remind dr-shannon-kelsoyou to just say no to common sports drinks. Some of them offer lower sugar content drinks, but most of their ingredients still involve corn syrup or sugar right there on the label. Don’t be fooled by drinks saying that they have vitamins. You can normally get the vitamins and at a much higher dose than sports drinks, just by taking a multi-vitamin. Sports drinks are marketed to young people too, which is not good. Try to substitute with drinks that are sugar free or just plain water is the best way to rehydrate. Coconut water is also a great way to replenish and it has a nice taste to it.

Don’t be fooled by the protein shakes that are being sold either. The best way to start your day of sports is not by drinking a protein shake that is as bad for you as soda is. They are mostly sugar and won’t help your performance at all. Eat light, balanced carb and protein, and low sugar meals through the spring and summer to help you stay on top of your game. Take a multi-vitamin for your optimal nutritional needs. Breakfast companies are losing business in the high sugar cereals and replacing that product with shakes that they advertise as healthy. They are not healthy and full of things that will just slow your body down instead of helping your perform.

Dry mouth is another concern during the sports seasons and especially the spring and summer months. Try products recommended by your dentist to keep your mouth lubricated and prevent tooth decay while you are pushing your body to the limits. Stay hydrated and avoid things like soda and hard candy. These don’t really help to moisten your mouth back up. There are some mouth rinses and preventative care if you are prone to developing dry mouth, but just making sure to stay hydrated and drinking plenty of water can prevent it.

Family fun during March Madness can be maximized by some fun games to go along with all the basketball playing. Make a list of your top 15 schools and keep pins on the map of where they are. Keep track of those games on the map and keep track of who is heading for the championships. This can get the whole family excited and while that excitement is in the air, get everybody outside for a family game of basketball!

Call our Westchester dental office today at 914-921-5437 to request a March Madness spring cleaning for your teeth or click here to request an appointment online.