It’s OK To Be Scared Of The Dentist

Just hearing the word dentist makes you wanna “go home”, let alone actually seeing one. Everybody is scared of the dentist and it’s normal for us to feel that way.
It’s our biological instinct to always protect our neck and head area as it’s crucial to our survival. We eat and breathe through our mouth. So the idea of someone’s hand reaching into our crucial air passage is enough to send us into panic mode regardless of whether or not we are sitting in a cold dental chair, not to mention the sharp metal instruments around you and the scary noises they make. And we are not even talking about the pain yet, but just like anything else in life you can’t fix everything by yourself. When the water doesn’t go down you call a plumber. When you have a dental problem you go see a dentist. There is no other way around it. There are, however, ways to make it easier.

1. Get a good dentist.

Find a someone that’s experienced and patient enough to explain to you your symptom and the type of care you need so that he or she can put your mind at ease. And make sure you let your dentist and the staff know that you have anxiety and whenever you want to take a break.

2. Make yourself comfortable.

Ask what each instrument does and what the procedure will be like. If the chair makes you uncomfortable ask if you can sit straight up during the exam rather than having the chair reclined.

3. Bring a friend.

Bringing a friend or a family member who isn’t afraid of dentists to sit with you, talk to you and even hold your hand. We always feel more comfortable when we are with someone we trust.

4. Distract yourself.

Feel free to ask for noise cancellers if the noise disturbs you or better yet ask for headphones so you can listen to music or watch TV.

5. Relaxation Sedation.

If you still don’t trust yourself even with all the techniques above, you can always be put to sleep during the procedure so that you don’t feel any pain and it’s even easier for the dentist to work on you. Just make sure the dentist is certified in sedation and experienced with it.

If you have any questions please give us a call at (914)921-5437 to schedule a free consultation with complimentary x-ray and exam so that our professional staff and experienced doctors can put your mind at ease and help you decide what’s best for you.