Why Dentures Don’t Last Forever

Most people wear a single set of dentures for more than 10 years even after they become loose and start sliding around. So why don’t dentures last forever? And how long are dentures expected to last?

Dentures should fit snugly on the gums. A set of dentures is designed to last around 5 to 6 years. They are fabricated from acrylic. As strong as acrylic is, over time the material does get worn out from chewing. In addition, your mouth also experiences changes. When you have missing teeth, bone loss would also occur which causes the jaw bone to shrink. As ill-fitting dentures start to rub against your gums, you begin to experience pain that can further develop into swelling, soreness and even more bone loss. In addition, having poorly fitted dentures not only cause you pain and embarrassing speech difficulties it also creates eating problems, since not being able to chew properly limits the nutrients your body can digest.

Bone loss under a denture over time is inevitable as well as natural receding of the gums. It’s important to visit your dentist when you experience discomfort from your dentures and never try to fix dentures by yourself since it may cause permanent damages. Having your dentures relined not only gives it a better fit and extend the longevity of the dentures, it also minimizes bone loss in your jaw. However, if you are tired of dentures or putting adhesive in your mouth, a permanent solution like dental implant could be the best choice for you.