Cosmetic Dentistry

The Benefits of Modern Day Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic dentistry is the use of artificial prosthetic to enhance the function or improve the visual presentation of your mouth and smile. Modern cosmetic dentistry applies a realistic effect to the prosthetic and with our advanced technology Purchase Street Family Dental of Rye, New York offers top of the line equipment to perform painless procedures to improve your smile. Cosmetic Dentistry offered include:

Restorative cosmetic benefits that can improve your smile:

Dental Implants– Dental implants offer a natural look with an artificial stability. Great for missing teeth.

Invisalign– Invisalign is the transparent alternative to braces. It is great for all ages and is not painful.

Cerec 3d– The process of Cerec 3D uses advanced technology to create and restore a patient’s damaged tooth.

Porcelain Fillings– Cavities were once filled with metal or mercury, but modern technology advances now provide porcelain fillings. They are made to match the color of your teeth and are safe than using mercury or metal.

Porcelain Lamination– Porcelain Lamination is a coating placed on your teeth to improve coloring, help cover stains, and improve the appearance of your tooth, making it whiter.

Smile Makeovers– A cosmetic makeover includes an entire visual improvement of your mouth. This includes teeth whitening, dental veneers, and dental implants.

Full Mouth Reconstruction– Restorative reconstruction includes the alteration of your bite, bone structure, wear and tear on your teeth, and other improvements that require surgery.

Any blemish that decreases the attractiveness of your mouth can be fixed and improved. Don’t let these problems affect how you feel, call us today for your cosmetic make over.

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