Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is the practice of administering a local anesthetic to the patient prior to a procedure for a better and more relaxed procedure experience.

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At Purchase Street Family Dental of Rye, New York we take superb care of our patents. Our sedation methods are available to most and can be used on any type of visit from simple cleanings to full mouth reconstruction. Our professionals will use certain types of sedation that best fits each patient, some including:

  • Minimal sedation– you are in a deep relaxed euphoric state
  • Moderate sedation – you are still awake but barely conscious and will not remember the procedure
  • Deep sedation – you are barely conscious but can still be awakened
  • General anesthesia – you are completely unconscious

It is always necessary to numb the mouth to reduce discomfort, but we guarantee our sedation dentistry is pain and stress free. Call us today and we will make your visit comfortable and relaxing.

Today’s modern dentistry allows us to treat patients without many of the fears that were present in the past. If you have not been to a dentist for a few years, you will be pleasantly surprised by these new techniques.

Here are a few new methods that we use in our office and you should ask your dentist for:

  • Topical Anesthetic – numbs the gum
  • Painless Anesthesia Techniques – using a ultra fine instrument (pin), a pinch is all you would feel.
  • Relaxation Therapy – listening to music with headphones or watching television which helps you relax while the dentist performs the treatment.
  • Relaxation Sedation Therapy – medication taken by mouth 1 to 2 hours before treatment, which helps you to relax or sleep through the procedure.
  • Drill-less Dental System – a device that does not use a drill but a stream of air with aluminum oxide (a substance found in toothpaste). In most cases Novocain is not necessary.
  • Laser Dentistry – a special light beam that is used to treat gum disease. This device also avoids in many cases the use of Novocain.
  • IV Sedation – Board certified anesthesiologist give you a special medication that allows you to have a sleep-like experience.

Ask as many questions as you wish and the more you know about the unknown, the more confident and at ease you will feel.

We Handle Our Patients With Care
Purchase Street Family Dental in Rye, New York offers painless procedures. Our goal is to fix all of your dental problems with our advanced technology. While you wait, we offer video and sound entertainment to ease your mind. With sedation options and laser dentistry, we have all of the equipment we need to make your experience painless and stress free.

Call our office at 914-921-5437 to have all of your questions about Sedation Dentistry answered by one of our professional team members, schedule an appointment with us today!!