Gum Disease Can Lead to Alzheimer's

According to Recent Studies, Gum Disease Bacteria was found in Alzheimer’s.

Researchers studied dead and living patients with diagnosed and suspected Alzheimer’s and found bacteria associated with chronic gum disease in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s, BBC News reported.

Tested on mice, it was confirmed that it was the same bacteria, Porphyromonas gingivalis could migrate from the mouth to the brain and that a toxic protein they secrete (gingipain) destroyed brain neurons. The bacteria also boosted production of amyloid beta, a component of brain plaques associated with Alzheimer’s, BBC News reported. Further tests on mice showed that drugs that block the toxic proteins produced by the bacteria stopped brain degeneration.

How do I know if I have gum disease?

Occasional bleeding from the gums when you clean or floss your teeth doesn’t definitely mean you have it, as you may just have been too rough. But dentists advise that any bleeding should be checked out. For individuals who don’t brush and floss properly, bacteria in the mouth forms plaque on the teeth. Bleeding gums often caused by these dental plaque, where millions of bacterial live, around the gum line. As plaque builds up, it irritates the gums and causes an infection which results in red, swollen, or bleeding gums. Hence, an early stage of gum disease, gingivitis is developed which can be reversed if caught early and maintained with proper oral hygiene. Without early treatment though, gingivitis can worsen as plaque hardens into tartar (calculus).

Don’t Ignore Gum Disease

As gingivitis progresses, it develops into periodontitis, a condition in which the gums and the jaw bone that hold the teeth in place can be significantly weakened. The bacteria accumulated on the teeth release toxins that damage your gums and cause them to become infected. The infection eventually results in your body attacking the bacteria, causing your gums and the bone in your jaw to degrade.
Furthermore, the bacterial can access other organs in your body via the bloodstream and thus cause bigger problems such Brain and Heart disease.