Visit Your No-Fault Dentist Today, Don’t Be A Victim Twice.

It’s bad enough to have a car accident. It’s even worse if insurance companies don’t pay for the treatments you need. Don’t just assume your health insurance will cover the injuries occurred during a crash. In New York, No-Fault insurance would cover up to $50,000 for dental and medical bills, and even lost wages.

New York’s automobile No-Fault Law was created with the intention of speeding up the process of compensation so that insurance companies would pay for legitimate car accident related medical and dental expenses, regardless of which party was at fault. The No-Fault Law applies to cyclist, pedestrian, passengers, or drivers injured by a motor vehicle in the state of New York including cars, trucks, buses (but not a motorcycle).

It’s easy for facial, oral and jaw joint injuries to occur during a car accident (crash). Although severe bodily injuries are always immediately reported and treated, teeth and jaw damage are often initially ignored. Furthermore, the physical trauma could cause nerve damage to teeth and the symptoms may not manifest until weeks or even months later. It’s difficult to convince even the liability carriers that the required dental treatment is accident-related after a long period of time. So be sure to always report tooth or jaw pain after the accident and request a dental consult at the hospital to check your teeth, gums and jaw. Also make sure to report any damaged or missing prosthetic such as dentures and bridges. Finally, file your No-Fault application (within 30 days) after the accident.

After enduring a heavy blow to the face during the crash, it’s common for patients to experience jaw pain, clicking and popping sounds in the jaw joint, swelling and soreness in your face, all of which could be symptoms of the Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (known as TMD, TMJ). Dr. William Wolfson at Purchase Street Family Dental, who has been treating patients with Automobile No-Fault, Liability claims over 40 years, is specialized in traumatic disorders to the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) as well as the repair of traumatic injuries to the teeth and jaw bone. Be sure to make an appointment with Dr. Wolfson today so you don’t have to be a victim twice.